UND Writing Center

Brianna Mayhair, News Writer

It’s mid-term season, meaning that students will be working on long essays that are nearing their due dates.  Have no fear, the UND Writing Center is here to help! The UND Writing Center provides several different services to help students become better writers through practice and strengthening revision skills.  All services at the Writing Center are free of charge. “We believe that good writing is a product of good revision skills,” Anna Kinney, Coordinator of the University Writing Program said. They provide their services to students, faculty and staff to ensure that everyone has the chance to improve their writing skills. 

“We will not edit your papers,” Kinney said, “Which means that students, faculty and staff cannot just drop off or email a document to us and expect us to correct it or provide feedback without their participation.” 

Students wanting to utilize the Writing Center are able to do so by signing up for a 30-minute session, receiving feedback from a Writing Consultant that is focused on identifying the writer’s goals and strengths to help improve their work. Students are able to sign up a maximum of two sessions a day but aren’t allowed to have two sessions back to back.  For those taking online courses, the Writing Center is able to help in the same way as meeting face-to-face. 

“The only difference,” Kinney said, “is that we either do it over the phone, Zoom or Skype to be able to still receive direct feedback.” 

Online appointments have increased from 1% to 10% in the last three years. 

Students are encouraged to utilize the handouts at the Writing Center to navigate different forms of citations as well.  “We provide the three main citation styles,” Kinney said, “APA, MLA and Chicago.” They also provide assistance in improving time-writing skills through an appointment. 

“Last year we worked with students from 99 different programs and majors,” Kinney said. “From every single college at UND, which includes the Med School and the Law School. We work with students at all stages of their writing.” 

All the Writing Consultants at UND are fellow students.  Currently, the Writing Center has three graduate students, who all teach English classes, and ten undergraduate students.  This allows for a diverse range of writing backgrounds.  

If you are needing help, signing up early is a good idea.  The Writing Center does welcome walk-ins, but the demands from mid-terms to finals exceeds services at times. To schedule an appointment, go to https://und.edu/academics/writing-center/.

The Writing Center is located in Merrifield Hall Room 12. They are open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m.to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Summer hours vary depending on students’ needs. 

“We usually are not available during the summer,” Kinney said, “but students are able to advocate their needs to Student Government and describe to them why this is an important resource. Students have an important voice in what kinds of services we are able to provide.” 

For additional help, call 701.777.2795 or email [email protected].