Taking a Bite at Apple

The reality of the Apple ecosystem


Chris Song, Opinion Writer

I have taken a vow to never purchase an Apple product. This isn’t because I’m snobby a-hole who thinks anything Apple is bad. As a matter of fact, I think many Apple products are fine for what they offer.

In fact, I praise Apple for making some of the best designed devices on the market. I also applaud Apple for making products that are consistently good. The reason I take issue with the brand, is because they take advantage of the consumers. The way I see it Apple lock them down into their own ecosystem. 

For example, iOS, the operating system for the iPhone is only available on an Apple product. Software like iCloud makes buying a new Apple device simple. Apple accessories like AirPods, while they do work on any bluetooth device, only offers seamless integration with Apple products. 

Of course there is nothing with that, making the user experience better is great. It is also normal for any company to want some control over their products. However, I see it as a double-edged sword. 

iOS being exclusive to Apple means there is no true iPhone alternative. Airpods working best with other Apple products closes off other potential customers. iCloud being convenient makes jumping over to Android just a smidge harder. All of the exclusivity that Apple creates, in my mind closes their customers off to the rest of the market. Why purchase anything other than Apple, when everything else makes you jump over hurdles?

I already know what Apple users will say to me. 

“Well Chris doesn’t Samsung, and Google do the same with their products?” 

Yes, that is true they do. Samsung and Google offer a huge range of software and hardware in their ecosystems. Heck, I own a Samsung S9+ and multiple other Samsung products, I’m not above tech ecosystems. 

However to counter that point, if I as a consumer thinks a Samsung product sucks, I can always choose something else. Unlike Apple users, I am not pressured into making sure everything I own is compatible with my iPhone. I am not heavily incentivized by Samsung or Google to continue to use their products. 

This is because, while an ecosystem exists for their products, it is not closed off from competition. This means that companies like Samsung are forced to innovate if they wish to compete in the US market. Whereas Apple can deliver consistently good products, but have no need to make them exciting. 

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Samsung and what they are doing. Samsung’s first VR headset was released in 2014. Apple doesn’t have VR. Samsung phones have had wireless charging since 2015, Apple since 2017. These may seem like small and insignificant things, but it paints a bigger picture. It shows that Apple is unwilling to innovate, because they have their niche.

So to wrap up my thoughts, Apple does make good products there is no denying that. However, I believe Apple does not treat their customers fairly by effectively cutting them off from the market. This has eventually led them to a point where they have no need to innovate. That is why I vow to never buy from Apple.