Kane Brown

Live at the Ralph Engelstad Arena

Se Kwon, Opinions Writer


Kane Brown’s ‘Live Forever’ tour took place at the Ralph Engelstad Arena on Feb 17, with two special guests, Jimmie Allen and Granger Smith.

Allen got the crowd’s attention, throughout his entire performance, the audience was seen waving their arms in the air, laughing at his hilarious comments and it was more than obvious how satisfied they were by his showmanship.

Allen made some funny comments- he mentioned how cold North Dakota was and how Sunday’s weather was like ‘spring weather’ for North Dakotans, since the high was 11 degrees. While he kept the crowd laughing and screaming his lyrics he also brought the crowd to tears as he introduced his song ‘21.’

“This takes me back to the time I was 21, I would spend a lot of time fishing with my grandma. She always wore this purple scarf so I now wear it around my belt loop. My grandma passed away in 2014 but if you guys have grandparents or any loved ones, make sure you don’t take any of them or the time you have with them for granted.”

Closing out his performance with the crowd wanting more he was just warming up the stage for REA’s second special guest of the night, Granger Smith.

He sang a wide range of songs that attracted a lot more of the ‘older’ crowd, like covering a single sang by the famous Tom Petty, ‘Free Fallin’. He incorporated the song right before he performed his own single, ‘Backroad Song’. Smith’s setlist was: Stutter, You’re In It, Free Fallin (originally sang by Tom Petty), Backroad Song, They Were There, Happens Like That, We Do It In a Field, Don’t Tread On Me, If The Boot Fits, and lastly, The Country Boy Song.

It seemed like the crowd was very excited to see Smith, as fans screamed, ‘Take your shirt off’ and ‘I love you Granger Smith’, it was also pretty obvious how much these fans appreciated his performance.

He made it very entertaining for the audience by spraying water at the crowd, giving out guitar picks, throwing out water bottles and even taking his shirt off and tossing it to a fan. Smith stands out as an artist who has a large amount of respect for his fans- it shows how much he appreciates and loves his fans.

Smith has his own apparel and other merch that he sells for fans called ‘Yee Yee’. He told everyone the meaning behind ‘Yee Yee’— it means ‘live life to the fullest’ according to Smith.

With two performances complete it was time for the long awaited headliner, fans still had plenty of noise in them to welcome Kane Brown to the stage.

Brown’s performance was without a doubt exactly what the fans had been waiting for and more. Brown’s setlist included some of his hot singles ‘Hometown’, ‘What If’ and ‘’Heaven’ and he even welcome back to the stage Granger Smith to help him perform ‘Short Skirt Weather.’

Brown lit up the arena and provided fans with a fun and upbeat environment. He respected his band and it showed, he made sure to show off his gifted band to the audience. After his performance, fans could be heard talking about their favorite parts of the night.

Brown proved to Grand Forks that he’s more than just a ‘country singer.’ He made it clear to the audience that he likes to partner up with organizations and give back as he showed a video on the backdrop of multiple organizations including one he holds especially close to him heart called Make Room. Make Room Inc. helps raise awareness for the rental housing crisis in the US, something that has personally affected Brown.

“When I was younger, my mom and I lived in a car because we didn’t have anywhere to go,” Brown said in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville.  “After graduating from high school, even though I was working, I didn’t have enough money to pay rent so I stayed with my Nana. I’m proud to partner with Make Room to help other people who have been in similar housing situations. I just want people to know that they can make it through hard times like I did.”

The Live Forever tour was one for the books, the Ralph Engelstad Arena and everyone who was present will have a memory they’ll never forget as they sat back(or stood up) and enjoyed the unforgettable performances.