More than just academics

Hi everyone! So, one thing that I really enjoy doing is playing intramural volleyball here at UND.  I am on a team with some of my sorority sisters and we play once a week against another team. Some people might just think of this as a small part of the week but for me it is really fun and it means a lot to me.

Spending an hour on the court once a week is not only a great way for me to bond with my sisters but it is also a way to become more involved on campus. By becoming involved on campus with extracurricular activities, such as Greek life or intramural sports, you become so much more aware that UND is not just where you go during the day to take classes. There is actually so much more to college than just academics.

By becoming involved on campus, you can get the opportunity to meet people that you may have normally never come across. I know that is very true for myself and one of my favorite things about being in a sorority is that I have met such a great group of diverse women who come from different states, different religions, different political beliefs, and each one has different experiences in their lives that I can (and have) learned so much from.

Another reason why getting involved on campus is great is because it helps you develop skills that will be useful to the anyone in their future professions. Most jobs require an employee to be comfortable with leadership and becoming involved with organizations on campus is a great way to gain those leadership skills.

I know, I know, you have heard this all before and it sounds super cliche, right(?) but it really is true.  Getting involved on campus has been the best choice I have ever made at college and I encourage all students to become involved on campus. You have nothing to lose and the worst that could happen is you meet some new friends!