The Ghost Inside, still swinging

Cameron Campbell , Opinion writer

Some people may say that hardcore music is an acquired taste. This riff heavy, aggressive genre is something that may turn a lot of people away before ever taking a chance to listen to the lyrics beneath the surface.

However, for me, there is one band in particular that really steps away from the generic breakdowns and violent screaming in your face.

The band I am referring to is The Ghost Inside, an up and coming hardcore band from Los Angeles, California.

The Ghost Inside stands out from the rest of the hardcore scene, not only because of their melodic and powerful rhythm, but mostly because of their lyrics.

Lead singer, Jonathan Vigil, does more than paint a picture of negativity with his words and message. Instead, Vigil writes incredibly powerful, inspirational and meaningful lyrics that aim to pick anyone up when they are down.

Having never been a fan of the genre, I just recently got into The Ghost Inside. At first, I didn’t know what to think until I scratched beneath the surface and realized how much these guys stand apart.

My favorite album is their third studio album titled “Get What You Give.”

Every song is slammed with downtuned riffing, and chest-thumping double-bass drumming.

The album starts out with the song “This Is What I Know About Sacrifice,” a powerful punch to begin the album, as you are introduced to a commanding drum fill and the screaming of the words “This is what I know about sacrifice, meet me at the crossroads, let’s go.”

The album progresses through a diverse melody of fast songs, slower paced songs and catchy songs with likeable choruses songs such as “Engine 45.”

The band’s most recent album “Dear Youth” was released in 2014 and offered a strong follow up to “Get What You Give.”

This album strays away from the idea of mostly uplifting songs the band has released in the past, and instead, stands out as a concept album.

If you could write a message to your younger self, what advice would you give? That’s the question frontman Vigil sets out to answer on this album.

He explores themes of uncertainty of the future, complacency, getting older and struggling to find your place in this world.

These recent albums contributed to the growing success to the band.

The past two years, The Ghost Inside were at the peak of touring all over the world, sharing their music with their fans.

Unfortunately, on Nov. 20, 2015, the band was involved in a fatal bus accident in Texas that killed both of the drivers.

Members of the band were airlifted to the hospital as some were in critical condition. Vigil sustained a broken ankle, concussion and many other wounds.

Guitarist Zach Johnson ended up losing several toes and breaking his foot.

Drummer, Andrew Tkaczykt, lost his leg as it was amputated after the accident.

While the road to recovery is long for The Ghost Inside, they are keeping to the message of their music and staying positive.

It is hopeful that the band will be back on their feet and touring again soon. As said in their song “Mercy” life’s swinging hard, but The Ghost inside are swinging harder.

Cameron Campbell is an opinion writer for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at cameron [email protected]