Letter to the editor, corrupted press

One of the fundamental beliefs of our founding fathers was the need for an impartial, honest, factual press which would accurately report the news to the public in order that we would be fully aware as to what was happening within the nation, especially as it relates to our  national government and the maintenance of individual freedom.

So noble and sacred a belief was it that it was incorporated within the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, along with freedom of religion and speech.

Unfortunately, that ideal was never reached and, today, the mainstream press, both written and spoken, is anything but. 

The media today has been corrupted to the point that it advocates for one political point of view over that of another. It regularly engages in anti-American, anti- freedom, vitriolic attacks on our national beliefs in the form of lies, innuendo and outright distortion of facts.

Presented with actual truth, they readily discard it in favor of the  political propaganda that emanates from their social progressive masters on the left.

Those who engage in this behavior are not unknown to you. In the Tribune alone, you can discern their beliefs in the vitriolic writings of these alleged journalists.

I must admit that classifying them as journalists is somewhat of a misnomer. After all, they are only stenographers who regurgitate those beliefs which their masters on the left provide to them on a daily basis, and to which they also agree.

Integrity, truth, honesty are not the hallmarks of those who adhere to the tenets of the social progressive left and thus are not reflected in their characters, writings or approach to life.

It is indeed unfortunate that such a cherished right of a free people has been reduced to nothing more than an advocate for a political position which will ultimately contribute to our free nation’s eventual demise.

Earl O’Connell can be reached at [email protected]