Dave Owen for VP

Bjorklund & Owen

Miranda Gardner

As a young woman that was born and raised in the South, I was always taught to surround myself with people that respect me and those around me. I was also taught that the best people you can involve yourself with, are the people who put others first. Which is exactly why I support John Bjorklund and his running mate, Dave Owen.

Recently, Dave Owen was painted out to be someone that was careless and rude. The thing is, these accusations don’t hold true at all. It’s hard for me to believe claims such as these when I know Dave personally and professionally.

When I first met Dave Owen, I saw a friendly face and an energetic, but determined, attitude. He was the type of man to respect me and the political/personal beliefs I held, no matter if he agreed. When I had gone to him with a concern, he immediately made that concern his own. You see, Dave will put his own beliefs aside to make you, and your concerns, his priority. Because that’s what leaders do. He is here to serve you, not himself.

Dave Owen is the type of man to work every angle in order to find the solution. Which is exactly what he did to save the Women’s Center. Dave dedicated himself to finding them a new home for next year. Providing them with more office space, and completely solving the issue of privacy many students feared would be compromised.  He didn’t do this for his reputation. He didn’t do this for the votes. He did it because he cared.

That’s just it. Dave Owen cares. I saw this when I worked with him this semester trying to find a way to save our liberal arts programs. While I voiced my concerns with this budget crisis, he worked tirelessly to develop a budget of his own. As a Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology major, why would he work so hard to save these programs? If these budget cuts don’t hurt him, why dedicate the time? Simple. He cares about students like me, the students he will be representing.

You can write as many nasty articles about Dave Owen as you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re right. Try to get to know him on a personal level. Dave is a respectful, honest, hard-working individual, and he’s here to work for you. I have never met someone more determined to create change in my life. Instead of reading an article that slanders the man, try meeting him first. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you.

Miranda Gardner – UND Student