Law School expansion planned

RENOVATIONS: UND Law Library to undergo renovations in the near future.

The UND School of Law has been tight for space for a while now, which has made it difficult for faculty to deal with the constant rise in enrollment of the law school.

As the only law school in the state, the school has been at maximum capacity in recent years. This means qualified potential students have been turned away simply because the school cannot accommodate them in the limited space that is available. Since 2005, the annual enrollment has increased by nearly 50 students.

Built in 1923, the only major addition to the building in its 90 years of existence was the construction of the law library in 1973. However, the much needed additions to the building could be completed as early as 2015.

In the last legislative session, the school approved of $11.4 million for the law school renovations.

The new additions would include more classrooms, more office space and more space for law students to study.

The additions would extend the building north towards University Ave., although no official plans have yet been decided on. The Icon Architectural Group of Grand Forks will be in charge of the renovations, and plan to begin construction in May 2014.

These renovations would allow the school to accommodate more of the constantly rising number of applicants each year.