University Senate meets for first time this year

University Senate: Senate makes big announcements about upcoming year

The University Senate held their first meeting of the new school year on Thursday, September 5—welcoming both old and new faces. University Senate Chair Ryan Zerr presided over his first meeting, being elected to the position last spring. With no issues on the agenda, the Senate took time to make several announcements and go over issues that had been dealt with during the summer. Several members also made presentations about some major events and advancements planned for this year at UND. Among those presenters were new University Ombuds Dusty Bates Farned and Provost Thomas DiLorenzo.

Farned is the first ombudsman in UNDs history. The position was created as a resource for the UND community to speak to when conflicts arise on campus. Farned said he hopes to help those at UND resolve conflicts in the easiest possible manner

DiLorenzo highlighted technology advancements, new staff appointments, enrollment management and attempts to heighten diversity at UND. But Provost DiLorenzo’s most exciting announcement was the news of the Higher Learning Committee (HLC) coming to UND at the end of October to celebrate 100 years of UND being an accredited university. The HLC’s visit will be part of the process UND goes through to become re-accredited.

The group then moved onto elections for several positions that were not filled last year.

The following individuals were elected: Melissa Gjellstad as vice-chair/chair-elect, Kanisha Marasinghe as faculty representative to the Senate Election Committee, Katherine Campbell and Emily Cherry to Committee on Committees, Nick Creamer as student representative on the Senate Election Committee and Diane Hillebrand as staff representative on the Senate Election Committee.