UND athletes receive new stipend

On Wednesday, UND Director of Athletics, Brian Faison announced that the department would be expanding its awarding of full amended grant-in-aid to all athletes who receive athletic aid as of the 2016-2-017 academic year.

UND Athletics has already provided this same cost of attendance to all men’s and women’s hockey players.

The aid includes the cost of tuition, room and board, books, and personal expenses as determined by the Student Financial Aid Office for athletes. The amount that is given to each athlete is determined by their residency status and living situation.

These wide terms do have some constraints however. Tuition will not include tuition for online classes. Similarly, room is based upon the university standard for double occupancy, and board is based upon the “Unlimited Meal Plus Plan” rate. The amount that can be given for books is determined by the NCAA.

“This is a necessary step that empowers our coaches to continue recruiting high-caliber student-athletes. It puts our coaches on equal financial footing when competing against regional peer institutions for the best recruits,” Faison told UND Sports.

Faison also added that the final system will be finalized over the next several weeks.