I have had the Shazam app for longer than a week, but I wanted to discuss it because I use it almost every day. Shazam is available on both markets and is a free app. The app has a large circular design with two C’s that look like they are hugging in the middle.

The Shazam website describes the app as “a mobile application that recognizes music and media playing around you.”

So if you are not familiar with Shazam you can use it to detect music through the radio, a TV show, movies, etc…

For example, say you are listening to your favorite radio station and a song comes on but you don’t know who sings it or what the song is called. You can pull up your Shazam app and push the circular button. It will take a few seconds to detect what is playing and if it gets an accurate reading it will list the song, artist, the album and sometimes even the lyrics.

Shazam doesn’t always pick up the song you are trying to find, but majority of the time it will.

There is always a paid version of Shazam that is more advanced in finding the song. For example, this version of Shazam will allow you to sing a part of the song you are looking for and will pick up on the song.

This is less accurate than actually using a song on the radio, but still works majority of the time.

I don’t have the paid version of Shazam because the free version works just fine for me.

There are some let downs to Shazam. For instance, if you do not have service the app will not load and you will not be able to use it. Also, you need completes silence other than the song that is playing for it to accurately pick up what is playing.

However, those are just small letdowns to the app.

I mainly use the app so that I can download music I like later. Shazam stores all of the songs that you “shazam” on the app where you can access it all whenever you want.

So, when I “shazam” a song I go back later and download the songs I liked from iTunes, but there are other things you can use the app for, and I find it very helpful.