BLOG: Finals

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we are in that three-week period between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break, where it is nose-to-the-grind study time, while trying to get everything done before finals week is over and we can head home for three weeks of no-school and homework bliss.

Every year, this time in the semester seems to be the busiest time, hands-down for a lot of people. Projects, papers, tests on tests on tests create a lot of stress and a lot of late nights.

This year for me, in some of my classes, we have just kind of skated through up until now and have left the original schedule in the dust. But, now we are picking it up in order to get everything done in the limited amount of time we have left.

This seems unfair to me. Most professors put together a schedule at the beginning of the year in order to keep us on track and get everything done. But, some of my professors this semester didn’t stick to their own schedules and now we are very far behind with what we were supposed to accomplish.

So, now they are piling on assignments and lectures heavily. We are supposed to get things done in the very limited amount of time that is already filled with the assignments, tests, reading and studying that was already planned for in other classes during this time.

Although professors can assign things at any point in the semester, I think it is unfair for them to make a schedule and then for them to not stick to it, making us suffer. This is already a very stressful time of year, and the stress added from more to do can push people over the edge (add in the cold weather that’s just hitting and it’s a nightmare!).

But, there is nothing we can do about it, so it is time to buckle up, grab some coffee and be prepared to pull a couple of all-nighters.