BLOG: Mathew McKay’s first flight

Up, up and away.

In just over a month from now, I will be flying high up in the clouds for the first time ever, as I head home for the holidays. No more thinking about jumping from the tree, but actual flying.

Originally, I had planned to take a bus home, since it is half the price and my older sister in Iowa has returned home that way for the past few years. After learning that it would be a three-day trip driving through Montana and down through Wyoming though, I second-guessed myself. When I found out it was going to be that long of a bus drive, I knew I couldn’t bear it, so I asked my family for support in finding me a safe flight home.

I bought myself the plane ticket to Wyoming for the final day of finals week on Sunday and I am extremely excited, as I have always wondered what it would be like to fly high above like a bird.

At the same time though, ever since I bought the tickets, I have constantly pictured things going wrong, such as a crash or a hijack.

After telling my friend of the thoughts popping into my head, he said I should have picked the seats on the wings because they are the safest. I do not know if that is true or not, but because I picked the back instead of the middle I plan on just praying everything happens according to plan.

The biggest thrill heading into the trip is I am doing this on my own. I will not be taking the trip with family or friends. I finally get to prove to myself I can make it on my own.

The biggest downside is the trip will begin at 5 in the morning, so I may be spending the night before at the airport to ensure I have a ride there.

Either way, I hope to take in every second of the adventure. It is sure to be a lasting memory for me. I will be walking into the Denver International Airport not to pick up family member, but waiting to see them there waiting for me.


I’ll be home for Christmas