BLOG: Movie time

I love going to see movies. The anticipation of something new is always fun, especially if it’s something I’m emotionally invested in–a series, an actor, etc.

Before the beginning of this past summer, I went to the movies probably once every two to three weeks. Last school year, it seemed like there was always a movie out that I wanted to see, and for some reason, movie tickets in Grand Forks are super cheap (compared to my hometown.) If I was ever bored, I would find some friends and a movie, and head out.

But that doesn’t even compare to what it used to be like in the summertime. For a couple summers in a row, I would go to early movies (because they were cheaper) at least once a week. Summer is usually when the big blockbusters were released and I wouldn’t miss one.

But, the start of this summer was different. I was working a lot more than I had during previous summers and my time was limited. There were movies I wanted to see this summer, but when I tallied it up at the end of August, I had seen a grand total of zero all summer. I’m not complaining, I probably saved a lot of money from not always being at the movie theater. But most of all, I didn’t really miss it.

So far this school year, I have equaled my total from the summer: zero. I was told this summer by many people that the junior year of college is the hardest, and so far that has proven to be true.

But, there has also been a lack of movie choices. Some movie trailers look entertaining, but not like something I would want to make a special outing for on a weekend night.

Now, having said all of that, I am very excited for this month. Two movies that I’ve been looking forward to seeing are coming out. The first is the new “Thor” movie coming out this weekend. The other is “Catching Fire,” the new “Hunger Games” movie coming out in a couple of weeks. I will definitely be going to both of these movies in theaters. But, I honestly don’t remember the last time I was this excited to go see a movie.

So Hollywood, get it together and make me excited to go to the movies again.

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