BLOG: ‘Tis the season

Today is Oct. 28.

I am unashamed to say I am already listening to Christmas music. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year with both Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up quickly, but I also love everything to do with Christmas, especially Christmas music.

I will usually wait until Nov. 1 to start listening to Christmas music, but I drove 10 hours yesterday from Billings, Mont. (my hometown) to Grand Forks. I have 1,943 songs in my iTunes library, which equates to 5.1 days worth of music. But, for some reason yesterday, I could not find anything I really enjoyed listening to. Then I hit the holiday genre and I was set for the last several hours of my drive.

People usually look at me like I’m crazy when they hear me playing Christmas music early or when I tell them that I’m already listening to Christmas music. But, like last year in Grand Forks, we had snow in early October.

I have a lot of different Christmas music in my library too. From Elvis Presley to Phineas and Ferb to Lady Antebellum and more; the classic songs to the brand new ones. I love it all and I look forward to this time of year from January on.

I love Christmas time. I always have because of the big family that I have. My mom is one of 11 kids and my dad is one of six, so Christmas always seems to be a big affair. It is fun to catch up with all those people you only get to see a couple times a year.

So, you can judge me all you want for listening to Christmas music even though it is still only October, but I bet soon enough, you will be listening as well!

Here’s one of my favorite songs to get you in the Christmas spirit: