BLOG: Thanksgiving childhood traditions

Halloween is just around the corner.

That means it is time to start thinking ahead toward Thanksgiving and how I can help make it a special one for people in the community.

Growing up, as much as I liked Halloween, it was always Thanksgiving that brought excitement to my life. I got to look forward to bringing a smile to someone’s face. I thank my parents for that, as it was them who got my family into the tradition of serving meals throughout the community on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Compared to others who have continuously served meals every day at shelters or churches, it was little to ask for. However, I gained a lot of insight from helping others and meeting people around the community over the years.

While I was unhappy at first to spend my time off from school volunteering, the experience quickly grew into my favorite part of the holiday, since it made me see what we should be thankful for. While we may not have everything we want, we should be thankful for what God does give us.

I am still getting re-acquainted with Grand Forks; however, I am very excited for the chance to return to the Salvation Army this year. Being back in my childhood town, I feel as though I should do something more this year, as I feel God has done for me. I may not be with my family this year, but I will be with God serving him.

At this point, I am unsure exactly what I want to do, but I plan to keep my eye open for those in need. If not this month, then in the coming months, I hope to make a defining difference for someone here in town.

I want to be clear though, serving is something I grew up with. Others may not have had the same tradition and that is OK. No matter how you decide to spend Thanksgiving this year; may it be by helping serve meals, attending the meals yourself or staying at home and watching the parade or football game, just remember we all have something to be thankful for.

Spend Thanksgiving the way it is supposed to be spent. Please spend the time with family and friends reflecting on what you are thankful for. Do not just run out and wait in line for those special deals always presented on Black Friday.