Preparing for Spring

Sadie Blace, Reporter

Winter has seemed to drag on for months, making it hard to gear up for spring. Considering the recent wintry weather systems, it is time to turn our eyes to the hope of a warm new season that will eventually turn to summer. Spring is a season of growth and renewal and can be greeted as a fresh start for many. While we patiently await, there are many activities that one can do to prepare for the spring season. Whether you need ideas for spring preparation, or are just looking for ways to make the long winter go by faster, there is an abundance of activities one can participate in. 

I love plants. I have them all over my room, and when the weather allows, they slowly make their way out to my apartment’s balcony. As spring approaches, many greenhouses have plant sales. I will often get new plants as a sign of spring. They start in my room, or in corners of my apartment, and eventually make their way out to the sun. The greenery provides a sense of life and new beginnings. Additionally, certain house plants are proven to be natural air purifiers for your home. I also grow patio tomatoes and herbs in the summer. The seeds can be planted and nurtured in the springtime to succeed in the summer. It is super fun to grow plants and to eventually reap what they sow. You can buy seeds, pots, and soil at grocery stores, such as Target, Walmart, or Greenhouses. 

Another one of my favorite spring activities is a good spring clean. Though it takes a fair time commitment, spring cleaning is one of the most effective ways to embrace the new seasonal beginning. Going through and donating old clothes, rearranging rooms in your home and cleaning out cupboards are just a few ways that you can deep clean for the spring. As the better weather approaches, you may be able to open windows. Fresh air accompanied by a clean home is a combination that is hard to beat, especially after the winter that we have had. Setting aside time to clean your home will make you feel more organized and cleaner. It is a perfect way to set up for a successful rest of the semester and year.  

When the weather finally warms up, outdoor walks take the cake for the best spring activity. The fresh spring sun paired with new plant buds is the perfect combination that represents the spring season. Walking with friends is a fantastic way to converse while soaking up vitamin D. My friends and I will often walk for upwards of five miles, playing music and talking to pass the time. It is a wonderful way to exercise while taking advantage of warm spring days. There are many ways to prepare for the spring season. I hope that you can find ways to grow with the season and set yourself up for a successful rest of the year.  

Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].