The Beauty of People

Sadie Blace, Reporter

As I write, I sit perched in the corner of my favorite coffee shop. I can hear faint 70’s music, the light chatter between friends, and the sound of an espresso machine grinding coffee beans. The sun beats through the large windowpane in the front of the store, lightly reflecting off the freshly cleaned counters and paintings on the walls. While this scene is carefully and intricately composed, the most beautiful part of it all are the humans that fill the seats within. It is inside of coffee shops that I often see the true beauty of people, all working on completing their own tasks. Whether it be homework, reading, writing, or talking amongst one another, the people in coffee shops are working together to achieve one common, unspoken goal. Today as I sit here, I feel an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation for individuality, and the overall beauty of people. As I sit in my warm, sunbathed chair, I pay attention to every detail that makes each person, them. I have always been in love with this concept, always analyzing people for what makes them unique. By paying attention to the beauty of people, I have learned how to appreciate every individual that I encounter.   

As my eyes continue to wander across the coffee shop, I stumble upon multiple individuals, all completing tasks on their own. Centered in the middle of the shop is a man, wearing a snug-fitting hat and matching sweatshirt. His hands move eloquently across a propped-up easel, positioned on the table in front of him. He focuses with the utmost concentration, keeping his eyes in a constant scan across the canvas. His hands respond accordingly, moving in long, then short strokes to compose a beautiful picture in front of him. The most beautiful part about him is the soft expression that rests on his face. He looks composed, peaceful even. As the business of the coffee shop continues to swirl around him, he remains still. The sun centers on him, creating an ambient energy that others notice. His energy is inviting, beckoning passersby to admire his work. I feel a respect for his painting, knowing he is displaying his talents for all to see. It is beautiful. I feel a sense of appreciation that individuals are still comfortable enough to pursue their talents in a setting such as this, and I feel honored to witness it. This, for me, is beauty.   

My eyes continue to scan, and I see a family, a mother and her two children, walking to the corner across from me. The two children follow politely behind their mother, finally arriving at a couch on the quiet edge of the room. They sit down next to one another, enjoying the baked goods that were recently purchased at the counter. The children giggle together as their mother raises a film camera to snap a picture of the moment. The crack of the film camera produces a picture that she holds gently in her hand. The two children wait patiently as the picture develops. As I watch this scene, I am transported back to my childhood, remembering the simplicity that could be captured in a picture. I am brought back to earth as their mother stands to walk her children out. They follow behind her like ducklings, leaving the shop as peacefully as they had come. I reflect on the beauty of the mother’s love. She executed every moment with patience and love for her children. At that moment, I felt an odd appreciation for my own mother, though we now live states apart. Through the beauty of another human’s interaction, I was able to experience a sense of belonging and recall the feeling of raw, genuine motherly love. I imagined the children growing older, learning to reflect that kind of patience and love in others. I felt a glimpse of hope for where our future is going and continued to reflect on the beautiful experience even after their peaceful departure.  

I see a couple sitting at the bar top. They sit next to one another, elbows propped up on the counter. Their legs are entwined with the legs of the bar stools, and they sit in a way that complements the other. Trivial details of their clothes match as they are both wearing flannels with similar style shoes. They share interactions with one another, allowing their body language to merge them into one fluid motion. They complement each other like puzzle pieces, letting the buzz of the coffee shop exist outside of their bubble. Their eye contact is not broken, and on this cold, March Day, I find beauty in their togetherness. It is beautiful that they can be unbothered and content with each other’s company. Neither of them picks up their phones or breaks conversation. I think about the feeling of an intimate conversation, and how you are fulfilled after having one with someone you love. I find beauty in that feeling and cannot help the smile that works its way to my lips.  

While many of my observations are conducted while looking at subjects throughout the shop, I now bring my attention to my friends sitting across from me. They work silently on their own tasks, taking notes, watching lectures, and scrolling through their phones. The same stupid smile rests shamelessly on my face as I think about how lucky I am to know such spiritually beautiful people. Taking moments of gratitude for my closest friends has more recently been a conscious effort of mine. As they continue to work on their own projects, I reflect on the beauty of my friendships, and how much they teach me about myself and others. I am extremely lucky to know and love such amazing people. I yet again have a revelation that I am fortunate enough to experience the beauty of their love and genuine, heartfelt interactions. To me, this is an example of beauty in the people closest to me.  

Learning to live my life through a lens of appreciation and love for others’ beauty has helped me grow in a way that I never imagined that I could. I have learned to appreciate others’ opinions, creativity, and differences through a self-made lens. I encourage you to slow down and appreciate those around you even in the smallest of ways. It has changed my outlook on others and has made me approach situations with an abundance of kindness and understanding. Every one of us is different. I challenge you to find the beauty of people.   


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].