My Bingo Experience  

Dylan Enerson, General Reporter

Winter break is over, which means coming back to UND with stories to tell your friends about all the exciting and warm places you visited. Early into winter break, I spent a weekend in Thief River Falls with some family and ended up going to Bingo at the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Up until then. the only times I had ever played Bingo was during German class in high school and with my family at Christmas parties, so I was not very familiar with playing for money or playing with cards that you had to buy.  

When we arrived at the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I was the one in the group without a dabber, which is the ink pen-like marker used to check off Bingo squares in a real game. Up until that time when I had played, we just used whatever writing utensil was available to us and marked them with our choice of a circle or an X, but this time we used the real tools of the trade. Luckily, the callers had a basket of them available for the players to grab if they did not have one of their own.  

The gameplay was faster paced than I was used to, which had me off guard for a game or two. Once I was used to the speed, I could hold a conversation and mark all the numbers as they were called without any issue. I was able to react even faster once I noticed that all the numbers were shown on the tv screens mounted randomly around the seating before they were called over the PA system. This allowed me to hold a conversation a little bit easier because I could still mark my card without paying much attention to the voice. I just had to remember that I could not call Bingo until after the number was called over the speaker system to make it fair to everyone in the room, not to mention that it was a part of the rules.  

Fifteen cards were played during the entire game with prizes ranging from around $50 to over $100, which may not seem like a large sum but when each card cost only a dollar, it was an excellent way to spend an evening while getting the opportunity to win some money. In the end, I did not win any money, but I was able to spend time with my family and try something new. 


Dylan Enerson is a Dakota Student General Reporter. He can be reached at [email protected]