Sibling/school rivalry about under way

Let the rival sports season begin! No, sorry, I do not mean the rival season against NDSU or the Gophers. I mean the rival season of Brother vs. Sister, UND vs. University of Northern Colorado (Greeley Bears).

Like any close siblings, my sister, who is a year older then me, and I have decided to begin a rivalry bet based on the results of sporting events. We will be keeping a close tab on the match-ups against each other for sure and because we have clothing and fun gear from each other’s school, we figured why not.

Starting this week, the sibling of the school who loses will then have to attend their school’s next home event against the opposing school wearing its colors while in the student section. I do not want to put a lot of pressure on the soccer team, but you are up first. While I am not at risk this time around due to the fact that our volleyball team will be making the next trip to UNC next week, our soccer team could case my sister the first tab of embarrassment.

Next Monday will decide my fate though for November, when we take to the volleyball court against them at the Betty. Chances are, I will end up cheering with the UNC gear anyway, just to make fans angry but I would like to do it because I want to, not because I have to.

Nothing is decided at this point; however, I will be bringing a poster to each rival game and keeping score of the events as we face off against UNC. I think the losing sibling, of who I will not reveal any names of, should have to do something even more dramatic at the end of the basketball season. Maybe wear a I love ”other team” shirt at the final game or even boo their home team during starting line-ups.

What ever it is, sports team, I am counting on you to keep me out of it.