A Battle of Gifts

Houseplants vs. flowers


Courtesy of Unsplash

Demetria Slyt, Staff Writer

Would you rather have a beautiful vase of flowers that lasts a week or a bright and stress-free houseplant as a gift from your friend or partner? Houseplants may not be a super common gift compared to flowers, but they should be! Potted plants are actually really great, practical, and beneficial gifts you can give to anyone. Obviously, it helps if the person receiving the gift, or the giftee, already enjoys houseplants or would like to start. There are also many types of indoor or potted plants out there to explore. Not to mention they are relatively easy to care for and there are actually floral houseplants you can own. 

 Houseplants are not just around for aesthetic reasons, they actually have a few health benefits. There are multiple that purify the air, produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. There have also been studies to prove that indoor plants increase productivity, creativity and even reduce stress or anxiety. Houseplants do the aforementioned things by brightening up the home or workspace and by bringing life to any room. Plants like this can also be a fun hobby to get into, as well as be very therapeutic to care for and manage. Houseplants are also said to reduce cold-like symptoms and reduce noise. Those are just a few reasons why houseplants are practical and beneficial but are they difficult to maintain? 

There are a lot of variations of houseplants or indoor plants that you can find at any garden center. They can range from low maintenance to high maintenance. Houseplants that are easy to care for are succulents, cacti, pothos, and many others. If you are lacking a green thumb or are a beginner, these may be great options for you as they require very little maintenance and you can give them space. Also, a few of these previously mentioned plants can be propagated as they grow or if they start to struggle, this allows you to grow more with what you already have and can ultimately save you some money as well.  

However, it should also be said that there are some houseplants that are toxic for pets and children. Recognizing these plants will help you either avoid them or take precautions as needed. Some examples of these houseplants are philodendrons, pothos, devils ivy, caladium, snake plants, peace lilies and a few others. Children and pets are known for eating whatever they come across, so as I mentioned it’s important to understand the risks of certain plants; and take proper precautions like keeping your plants out of reach of pets and children. 

Houseplants have a lot of benefits and there are a lot of different options out there for you to choose from. There are also many low-maintenance plants out there for anyone without a green-thumb or just a beginner plant hobbyist. Would you rather have something practical or something temporary? Are you a plant hobbyist and enjoy collecting? Do you think there are other benefits to owning and maintaining houseplants?  


Demetria Slyt is a Dakota Student Staff Writer. She can be reached at [email protected]