How to celebrate Valentine’s Day solo


Courtesy of Unsplash

Olga Kopp, Arts and Community Writer

You know it is Valentine’s Day coming your way when you see hearts, red and pink colored Valentine’s cards, teddy bears, candy, and flowers in your local store. 

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a special day to share the love with those they love. People create their own unique traditions and rituals in honor of Valentines. Valentine’s Day is a well-known holiday for couples who celebrate their love, and it is almost a rule to celebrate this holiday in someone’s company. You may ask, what to do for those people who do not have a partner or companion, and a simple answer would be – celebrate it solo! 

If you do not have a partner, it does not mean you cannot celebrate it by yourself. You surely can celebrate this holiday alone, and it can turn out fun! Do not let social media, store displays, or advertisements get in your way, making you feel bad. Make it your day by spending some time with yourself and focus on what you enjoy the most. 

First, treat yourself well by practicing self-care. Allow yourself to enjoy this day by doing things you love. Eat your favorite foods whether it is a pizza, sushi, fast food meal, or dessert. This day is for you to celebrate it and do things that you like. Make some of your favorite treats and beverages, and then enjoy them when watching some of your favorite TV shows. You will notice how great it feels when treating yourself.  

Engage in hobbies that you enjoy or try a new hobby. Register for some art classes, play your favorite video games, knit, read, listen to music, draw, play a musical instrument, dance, sing, practice new yoga poses, etc. There are many internet sources available where you can learn a new hobby, just hit the search button and use your imagination. 

Maybe you feel extra tired that day and need to relax. Take some time off work and take it easy. Make it a lazy day, and do your best to take care of yourself. You can take a long nap; it will help you to feel relaxed. Make some herbal tea and slowly sip on it while enjoying its flavor. Write in a gratitude journal your feelings and thoughts about what you appreciate in your life.  Create an at-home spa day: light up candles and take a relaxing bubble bath. Do everything that makes you feel good. 

Be your own secret admirer and pamper yourself. Send yourself your favorite flowers and candy to your home. You can even write a little card for yourself by sending positive vibes in your message. It will be an extra special gift because no one knows you better than you do!  

You can shop online and order something that you always wanted. Do not worry about the price – it is your special day! 

If you enjoy sport, you can treat yourself by trying some new virtual workout or go for a hike and explore nature. It will benefit you in the long run because you will feel more energetic and healthier. 

Create a photoshoot day. Dress up, make some easy prompts, set your phone on timer, and start shooting pictures and selfies. You can play some music to create fun atmosphere. Do not forget to print those pictures so you can have fun memories. 

Take yourself out on a date in a local cinema theater. Pick up a movie you want to watch, grab popcorn and soda and enjoy date with yourself. 

Pamper your pet if you have one. Do not forget that your pet is your Valentine too. Special treats or game of fetch would be fun for both of you. 

Spend some time surfing the internet. Watch some YouTube videos, learn some history, do research on some information you always wanted to learn, or catch up on the latest news. This will help you to learn something and entertain yourself. 

Finally, use your own phantasy to make this Valentine’s Day special and fun. 

Remember it is your day to enjoy and feel special, so do something that is important for you. Happy Valentine’s Day! 


 Olga Kopp is a Dakota Student Art and Community Writer. She can be reached at [email protected]