How to Prepare for UND’s Virtual Career Expo on February 2nd


Courtesy of Unsplash

Kylee Danks, News Writer

The upcoming Virtual Career Expo will be tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb2, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Students from all majors are encouraged to register for the Expo and additional group/1:1 sessions by today, Feb1. Since it is a virtual event, the Expo is taking place in Handshake, an online early career community used by over 500,000 employers. This opportunity will be an effective way for students to make connections in their fields by talking to multiple employers in one day. The Career Services office gave the following statement, via email, about the event, “The Career Expos are a great event for students to explore the endless job and internship opportunities available to them! If you’re not ready to search for jobs, still plan to participate with the goal of networking with recruiters and learning about the different types of careers available at their company.” 


In addition to meeting possible employers, the Expo will have information available about specific industries and careers. There are also additional options to register for a 30-minute group or 10-minute 1:1 sessions with company representatives. Students who participate in the Spring 2021 Virtual Career Expo will be entered to win one of 21 prizes purchased by the Career Services team. To be entered to win, students must register for the Expo on Handshake and sign up and attend at least two sessions on Feb. 2. The prizes include $50 Amazon gift cards, Yeti 30 oz. Tumblers, UND Frosty Fleece Blankets, Greystone Diploma Frames, and the Grand Prize  one set of Apple AirPods Pro.  



To be fully prepared for the Career Expo, students should make sure to register on Handshake, become familiar with the companies participating, sign up for the group and 1:1 sessions, have an updated resume and/or cover letter, and dress professionally. During the Expo, it will be helpful to take notes and have an electronic copy of your resume ready. The Career Services office offers many resources free for students, including resume/cover letter/CV/personal statement reviews, practice interviews, major/career exploration, LinkedIn Photos, and much more. If you need some extra help, Zoom appointments can be made with a writing consultant from the UND Writing Center, or you can get help from Career Services through Starfish or email.  


To get the most out of the experience, students should also consider preparing an elevator speech. This speech lasts less than 30-seconds and should effectively introduce yourself to your employer. Important things to include in an elevator speech are relevant goals, accomplishments that prove your skills, how you will fit well into the company, and something unique and memorable about yourself. Career Services is available to help students improve their elevator speech and networking skills. Another important way students can prepare for the Expo is by thinking of meaningful questions and practicing them beforehand. After the Expo, it is beneficial to follow up with the recruiter you spoke to the next day, so be sure to ask them for their contact information. When following up with recruiters, you should thank them for their time, reiteratyour qualifications, and provide a copy of your resume. More information about the Spring 2021 Virtual Career Expo can bfoundhere 


Kylee Danks is a Dakota Student News Writer. She can be reached at [email protected]