A Good Push


Demetria Slyt, Opinion Writer

Is being given a little push in social situations a good thing for introverts? Is a push good for people with social anxiety? As an introvert myself, I can attest to how both can have negative and positive effects. Any sort of “push” could propel a person forward but it could also, if conducted harshly, project them backwardEncouragement can be very beneficial to any introverted or socially isolated person. The “push” that I’ve been discussing is essentially just that, encouragement to say or do something out of your comfort zone, 

Recently I’ve been thinking about situations where I myself have been “pushed” into doing something that I didn’t feel confident enough to do, and how that initial push led me to come out of my shell. For example, my partner has encouraged me to socialize more frequently (before the pandemic) at social gatherings and helped me to not doubt myself so much. I think it’s also really important to note that I’ve never been pressured to engage in situations that I normally wouldn’t or simply struggle with. I believe that it is important because it gives me the opportunity to choose for myself and not feel forced into something. Receiving a positive push from a partner, friend, or family member can also sometimes build your confidence. 

I feel like being more confident in yourself and building up your self-esteem can really help alleviate social anxiety. That isn’t to say that confidence is an easy thing to obtain. It takes time to become confident in yourself and not everything comes as naturally for some as it does for others. That’s why it can be nice to have someone to help bring you out of your shell a little bit or even just include you in activities. I think we all have that one really outgoing extroverted person or friend in our lives who drags us along with them and tries to give us a good time. The outgoing person in my life currently is my partner, and even he struggles with social anxiety sometimes. The best thing about having an extrovert in your life is that they can teach you a lot socially and help build you up.  

However, even though a little push can always be nice I think that it is also important to be able to do things for yourself, build your own sense of self, and take chances. Sometimes we won’t always have another person to rely on who can get us engaging with others, and that’s okay. It can be stressful to be in new situations on your own. I think that’s true for everyone even if they don’t always express it or react to that stress. As I mentioned previously sometimes our friends can teach us things and that helps us to “stay out of our shell” even when they aren’t around.  

I believe that social anxieties can be overcome, maybe not immediately but nothing is ever immediate in life, at least in that sense. I try my best to always acknowledge that things take time. Personal growth takes time, we as people are constantly in a state of growing and changing so that only makes sense. Loving yourself, being confident, and taking big leaps of faith takes time. What do you think about getting a push from family or friends? Has it been beneficial to you socially, mentally, or professionally? Do you have extroverts in your life? As always, feel free to reach out via email with any comments you may have pertaining to today’s article or even just feedback about what I could have covered better. I enjoy hearing back from readers with their own opinions or personal thoughts. Stay tuned for new articles every week, and stay safe out there! 


Demetria Slyt is a Dakota Student Opinion Writer. She can be reached at [email protected]