Gaining comfort with change

I hate change. I’m not opposed to it but if something is fine the way it is, I usually like it to stay that way.

I used to never try new foods, roller coasters or take chances, and that’s why I never updated my iPhone. I’ve had my 4S since Jan. of 2012, and I doubt I ever really updated it or made it look any different. It’s probably not best for the phone, but I prefer to know where everything is at in my phone and I like being familiar with what I have.

Today, I decided to download the new IOS platform. The reason — I thought it would solve a problem with the wi-fi button on my phone, but it didn’t. Now I’m still stuck with a broken wi-fi button and something I’m not familiar with. It’s really not that different, but if you know me, it’s something I wouldn’t usually do. Many people are excited when a new update becomes available, but sometimes I just think things should be left the way they are and don’t need to be constantly changed.

But I’m glad I made the change, and you should do the same. It’s really no fun to be stuck somewhere because you’re too afraid of what might happen when you step out of your comfort zone. You don’t realize what you could gain or when you could learn something new. I’m not just talking about an iPhone here — try something you wouldn’t normally do because you truly are missing out. Trust me, it’s way more fun to be spontaneous. I’m still going to resent change until it happens, but it’s worth it.

Plus, listening to everyone talk about something that you could have done, but didn’t do, really isn’t fun. Step out of your comfort zone.

Update your iPhone.