Megan Vogt, Opinion Editor

This time of year is all-around eerie and spooky, and because of the overall strange vibes, superstitions arise. I don’t know about you, but weird stuff happens around this time of year. 


I am not a very superstitious person, but you better believe that when it is a full moon, people start acting out. 


For years, scientists have said that there is not enough data that a full moon has anything to do with people’s behaviors. Yet, hospitals and schools have years of documentation stating weird behaviors or odd cases occurring around the time of a full moon. 


A study done by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service looked into police records for 5 years and saw that around a full moon there was an increase in homicides and aggravated assault.  


Here are my thoughts on it: the moon is proven to control the tides, and us humans are made of mostly water, therefore to me, it simply makes sense. 


I am not alone in that thought either. That thought process goes all the way back to ancient Rome and ancient Greece. It was said that because of the water in our brains, there is a tidal effect or a big wave that occurs that causes these drastic behaviors. Now, I don’t think that there is all of the sudden a big wave that occurs in our brains, I wouldn’t be shocked if one day there we found a physiological reason behind this shift. 


According to, “lunacy and lunatic stem from luna, the Latin word for moon. It is believed that people were more likely to show erratic behavior during a full moon.”


Another superstition that has gotten the attention of many is astrology. While this is a year-long subject, it has had many eyes turn now because of the recent addition of a new sign, Ophiuchus. This caused a lot of people to have their astrology signs shift. 


According to a Today show article, NASA has stated that the Earth’s axis is not the same as when the original constellations were drawn and that is why the signs have shifted and the addition occurred. 

They also stated that at NASA, they study astronomy, not astrology. They didn’t change any zodiac signs, they just did the math.

Now for me, my birthday started the Gemini season. I fully resonated with Gemini and all that my horoscopes say. Since this new addition, I have now had my sign switch to Taurus. 


To be completely honest, I don’t know how I will fit in with Taurus and I’m quite sad that I’m no longer a Gemini. Even though I don’t check my horoscopes every day, I do know that it’s going to be hard for Taurus to impress me. 

The new horoscope dates are: 

Capricorn Jan 20 – Feb 16, Aquarius Feb 16 – March 11, Pisces March 11 – April 18, Aries April 18 – May 13, Taurus May 13 – June 21, Gemini June 21 – July 20, Cancer July 20 – Aug 10, Leo Aug 10 – Sept 16, Virgo Sept 16 – Oct 30, Libra Oct 30 – Nov 23, Scorpio Nov 23 – Nov 29, Ophiuchus Nov 29 – Dec 17, Sagittarius Dec 17 – Jan 20