It is time to find your spark

Find something that brings positivity to your life

Quinn Robinson-Duff, Opinion Writer

Everyone’s lost in their youth, whether they like to admit it or not. People are filled with doubts of their future, career, livelihood, relationships, which is all a part of growing up. Those doubts are all good though, in one crucial way. It shows you care about your life and others.

Those doubts mean you care about your future and that’s huge, but never let those doubts stop you from progressing in life. If you have a doubt about something, whether or not you should switch careers, majors or even move, it’s time to reevaluate yourself and reflect on what you want and what you want to do.

If you don’t know, find something that inspires you, something that puts you in a good mood and brings a light to your heart. It could be music, traveling, talking with people, it doesn’t matter. Find something and live through that inspiration. Let it guide you and let it go with you through your life.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and challenge yourself to venture outside your comfort zone, because some of the biggest regrets in life are manifested by what we decide not to do. Let the doubts take hold of you and turn them into something powerful, something meaningful in your life.

Make a list of reasons why you love something, why you love yourself. It’s something not many people often do but will help you understand who you are as a person. Learn what makes you tick, learn who you are. Then take on the world.

When we write down specific reasons for why or why not we want to do something in our life, it makes it real. It comes out of our brain and into the world. Once it’s made real, we can then begin to tweak it.

For example, saying “I had an awful childhood,” seems to be negative and unrealistic. We write down then start to dissect our childhood. “Well, awful is a strong word, we grew up poor with little things, but my parents were there for me, even when they weren’t for each other.”

See, when we begin to dissect our lives we begin to examine who we are and what makes us tick. We figure out our flaws as well as strengths. So don’t be worried about those doubts, take time to examine all sides of the doubt and why it is in your life.