Quinn Robinson-Duff, Staff Writer

Be silly. Be who you want to be. Be an individual. Life is too short not to laugh, so why not do it everyday? Put a smile on that beautiful face of yours. Scream at yourself. You’re one sexy smart sucker. Dance in every situation, smile to strangers, be all you can be and most important: live in the present moment. Thinking about the past only makes you depressed, thinking about the future makes you anxious, bliss can only be found in the present moment.

As the great Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in awhile you might miss it.”

We’ve only got one life and we need to make it count, take advantage of opportunities and become a yes man. Willingly seek chances to go outside your comfort zone. Stop working a job you despise for the money. Find something you love and chase it. If you chase cash and not happiness you’re going to lose, even if you get the money you still won’t be happy.

“If you say that money is the most important thing, you’ll spend your life completely wasting your time: you’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to go on doing things you don’t like doing”- Alan Watts

In today’s society, it is crazy to think how materialistic everyone has become. You need the new products, the new clothes, the new everything and everyone tries to put their best self on social media. You can have an amazing life on social media but in reality, you can be depressed. Don’t compare yourself to others because comparison is the thief of all joy. Too many people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they don’t like. Seek something that creates happiness in your life and find what brings you joy. Find what you love, chase it with all your heart and the money will come.

What really matters is what’s right in front of you. The people you surround yourself with, the experiences you live through no matter how small or big they may be. So be silly, goof off, don’t consider what other people think of you all the time. When we do, we become self-conscious and create a shell around us, limiting our potential. So remove the shell and be yourself. Don’t give up what you believe in, even if nobody else does. Negative people don’t want people to succeed. They get jealous because they don’t believe in themselves. So believe in yourself, believe in something you dream, believe that you can accomplish your dreams no matter what challenges lay ahead. Stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself. So be silly, go dance in the rain and do the things you wouldn’t normally do. You never know you might love it.