Pick up & Play

Intramural sports at UND

John Gregg, Sports Writer

The University of North Dakota has a rich history of athletics. Many know the university for the hockey program and their eight national championships as well as its success stories on the football field and basketball court to name a few. For those students that don’t quite have what it takes to play at the division one level but still want to exercise their athletic ability, intramurals are a great opportunity.

UND has a wide range of intramural programs available to students. From basketball to hockey, volleyball to soccer, students go head to head to earn the coveted champions t-shirt. Though UND does have the traditional sports people think of in regard to intramurals, the wellness program also offers a wide variety of activities and sports.

Intramural coordinator Michael Wozniak recently started a program called “Pick Up & Play,” which offers unique opportunities for students. The program hosts “events that take place each month that focus on a sport that we do not traditionally offer” Wozniak said.

Wozniak has a history of working with intramural programs and has worked at multiple schools including Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and California University of Pennsylvania in California, Pennsylvania. Upon receiving the position of Intramural Coordinator at UND in August of 2017, Wozniak wanted to expand the programs available to students.

Though many of the more common intramural sports are immensely popular among the student body, the Pick Up & Play program helps include the entire student body.

“This program allows us to pursue new sports and wellness activities, as well as work to include the entire campus community in our offerings, fostering a spirit of diversity and inclusion,” Wozniak said. “Some events we have had this year include curling, quidditch and ultimate frisbee, among others.”

Any students who are interested in the various activities and sports offered by UND wellness can learn more at the Wellness Center or online on UND’s website.

John Gregg is a sports writer for the Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected]