Senate hears event proposals

#BESOMEBODY: Senate discusses bringing speaker for motivational movement to University this fall.

Landon Bahl (center) gives a presentation to Student Senate about the “Be Somebody” event coming to UND in November. Photo by Keisuke Yoshimura.

UND student Landon Bahl presented a proposal Sunday night to Student Senate that he said could help put UND on the map.

Bahl’s proposal included an event that would be part of the “#besomebody” movement.

The movement was started in 2009 by Kash Shaikh when he was traveling the world for business.

“Be somebody” was Shaikh’s personal mantra and he shared it all over social media.

The popularity of the mantra grew as did Shaikh’s reputation. Since 2009, it has become the biggest motivational movement in the world, according to Bahl.

This fall, the #besomebody team will be traveling to 25 universities in 50 days to spread its message.

“I don’t use epic that often, I think it is over-used,” Bahl said. “But this is going to be epic.”

Bahl is getting the message out about this event, as well as trying to get another motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, to speak at UND on the same day.

As part of his presentation, Bahl asked senate if it would contribute money to bringing Thomas to campus.

The #besomebody team will be coming to UND on Nov. 8, after presenting at Notre Dame, the University of Florida and other colleges in the eastern United States.

“By the time the team gets here, they will have presented to about 750,000 students,” Bahl said. “So this is a chance for UND to really make a mark.”

During its visit to UND, the team would be holding events and talking to students throughout the day. One of those events would be students getting together and spelling out “#besomebody” with their bodies. A picture of that event would then go on the team’s website.

“I think this is a new way for Student Government to help make students lives better,” Student Body President Nick Creamer said. “This will have a positive impact on campus.”


A presentation on the upcoming homecoming celebration also was presented to senate. UND Alumni Association Outreach Coordinator Lisa Schuster gave an overview of the activities happening during the week.

“There is something happening every day. Starting with a Kick-off Breakfast on Monday morning” Schuster said.

Homecoming runs Oct. 7-13. For more information on the events for the week, visit or go to

Megan Hoffman is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]