A matter of opinion: Dislike of fall

HATE: Autumn means it’s time to cover up and get ready for snow.


As autumn nears, UND students transition from shorts and T-shirts to sweatshirts and pants in preparation to battle old man winter once again. File photo.

I own six bikinis, which I paid for myself. I own one winter coat, which my mom bought for me. Guess which item I’d rather wear.

I’ve lived in North Dakota for most of my 22-year-old life. The winters here are always long and awful, and the summers tend to be way too short. Unfortunately, summer happens to be my favorite time of year.

There are few things I love more than long bike rides along the river during a 9 p.m. sunset, bright green leaves on trees, road trips with the windows down, submerging my body in an outdoor pool and the liberation that comes with walking around in only a bikini and flip-flops. Even though I’m used to it, I’m always sad when that magical time of the year has to come to an end. I love UND, and I love having a full student body back in Grand Forks; but, I don’t love the weather conditions during most of the school year.

What I hate is driving my tiny red Honda on dangerously icy roads and walking to class when there are wind-chill temps of minus 40. I hate being cooped up in a stuffy apartment because this month’s blizzard won’t let me travel anywhere. I hate the disgustingly pale color my Norwegian skin becomes during this time, unless I get a spray-tan.

That pumpkin spice may smell great now, but I know come November, I’ll be browsing the internet for vacation destinations I can’t afford just so I can smell outdoor pool chlorine again.

I love my breezy summer clothes so much. They’re bright and fun and generally do a better job at showing off the body I spent many hours sculpting at the Wellness Center.

I feel so free and liberated when I’m not bundled up in bulky fall and winter gear. That first warm-enough spring day of the year, when I can wear shorts and flip-flops for the first time in months, is better than Christmas for me.

I don’t care what the calendar says, I’m not covering my legs and shoulders until the temps drop to at least below 50.

Jaye Millspaugh is the multimedia editor for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].