BLOG: Metal

I like it loud, fast and hard.

I just realized how dirty that sounded.

Anyway, I was referring to music. I enjoy all musical genres–even country, a genre I used to hate is finally growing on me, but one of my favorite genres is hard rock/metal. Ever since the 1970s, many hard rock bands such as Iron Maiden and Korn have consistently put out kick-ass music for me to run and drive and dominate at life to.

Besides being in school, I’m working two journalism jobs. I’m constantly running around UND and Grand Forks covering a wide variety of stories, so I need music that can keep up with me. It doesn’t help that I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

I know what some of you may be thinking. How can you enjoy that obnoxious crap? Well, there is way more to metal music than just loud vocals and fast guitar.

While the vast majority of Top 40 songs seem to be happy mushy gushy love-themed or whiny, Debbie Downer breakup-themed, many rock and metal lyrics involve themes of protest or telling a story about history.

Examples include U.S. anti-immigration laws (“White Americans, what? Nothing better to do? Why don’t you kick yourself out, you’re an immigrant to?-The White Stripes, Icky Thump) and the Crimean War from the 1850s (‘We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground, as the Russians fire another round”-Iron Maiden, The Trooper.)

Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands to listen to when I work out, especially their song “Run to the Hills.” If I ever get a custom-made running shirt, it will definitely quote that song (“Run to the hills, run for your life.”) The right music is like a steroid; the faster the guitar, the faster I run.

Don’t even get me started on rock concerts, haha. They’re sweaty and dirty but even if I don’t know the band’s music very well, they can be some of the most fun I’ll ever have. Bands I’ve seen include Papa Roach, Korn, Green Day, Atreyu, My Chemical Romance, Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Anberlin and multiple Vans Warped Tours.

I’ve of course crowd-surfed at every show too and I have the bruises to prove it. I’ve been flipped backward, dropped on my head, barrel-rolled and had my pants pulled off, but the adrenaline rush makes it so worth it.

Even my clothes are sometimes inspired by rock stars. I have a thing for black leather, fishnets, and messy hair. My closet has a little bit of everything though, so I can dress much preppier if I ever need to, but I feel way more comfortable in my rocker-inspired clothes.

I’ve always used my clothing and music choices as a small form of rebellion while growing up. High school was difficult me since I wasn’t very popular, but rock music helped me get through it. I could relate to those musicians rebelling against the mainstream.

Now, if only I had musical talent of my own. If I were to start a band, it would probably fail miserably. It’s OK though; I’m content just enjoying music instead of trying to play it.

Here are links to two of my favorite songs to run to:

 Iron Maiden, Run to the Hills

Deep Purple, Highway Star