9/15/2013: Jaye Millspaugh

Hey, everyone! Jaye here.

We’ve already made it over halfway through September. Dat shit cray, haha. Despite the occasional stress, I always have so much fun here at UND.

Although I love being in school, I don’t always love the weather during the school year. Summer has always been my favorite season, at least weather-wise, so I’m always a little bit sad when it ends.

If I had to choose between wearing either a puffy winter coat or a bikini every day, I would choose the bikini. Hands down.

It’s not that I hate winter though; I just hate driving on icy roads and -40 below wind-chill. I love snow and Christmas, but winters in ND are too extreme for me. My perfect winter would involve plenty of soft, white powder but the temps would never get below zero.

It’s because of our extreme winters though, that I find it a little crazy that people are already bundling up for class. Everywhere I look on campus, people are already wearing fall boots and sweaters and coats, even though it’s usually 60-70 degrees outside and the trees still have most of their green leaves.

Meanwhile, I’m still wearing sandals and shorts or a mini-dress every day, because despite what the calendar says, I have trouble considering it “fall” when it’s still warm and green outside. I have all October-April to cover my legs and shoulders, so why should I start early?

I can understand why people would be excited for fall. I guess the leaves are kinda pretty when they change colors and pumpkin spice smells kinda good. It may smell good now anyway, but I know by November, I’ll be longing for the smell of outdoor pool chlorine and lemonade.

Summers here are often way too short, so I’m holding on to my beloved summer clothes and bikinis until it gets at least below 50.