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You are responsible for you

You are responsible for you

Demetria Slyt, Opinion Writer

October 12, 2020

Are we responsible for the thoughts, actions, or behaviors of others? Absolutely not. This is because everyone is their own person, in charge of their own lives and decisions. Does it make sense for us to take responsibility for our own shortcomings and mistakes OR to take responsibility for others'...

Response to “Halftime Performance or Pornography” article

Response to

Madison Feltman

February 20, 2020

Response from the Dakota Student Editor-In-Chief Madison Feltman: On behalf of the Dakota Student we would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of judgement whilst printing the article named “Halftime Performance or Pornography” that appeared in our February 11th issue of the Dakota Student....

Letter to the Editor – Response to “A night in Africa”

April 7, 2017

On April 4th 2017, the Dakota Student published a review of African Night, a cultural event which had taken place three days prior. In this article, African Night was displayed in a less than accurate. This is my attempt at a response to the piece. My first of many problems with this article was the...

Response to Fequiere’s article- “Trump’s media ban”

Christopher Nelson

March 7, 2017

Letter to the Editor from Christopher Nelson. Recently the Dakota Student ran an opinion piece by Elizabeth Fequiere entitled “President Trump’s Media Ban.” I write today to respond to this ill reasoned and poorly written defense of the current Republican administration. First she makes the ...

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