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The NFL is dying

The NFL is dying

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Writer

October 16, 2018

2018 hasn’t been a great year for the NFL. The kneeling for the national anthem issue, started by Colin Kaepernick never got resolved. In fact, the NFL may have shot themselves in the foot this offseason when they tried to implement a rule that they thought would take care of the issue. While I thin...

The rise of the athletainers

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist

March 4, 2018

Running the fast break, he gets the ball on the left wing. After taking one hard dribble to the basket, he fakes to the left, steps to the right and goes up for the left-handed layup. The sharp sound of the whistle pierces the air as Quavo is fouled. “Quavo with a nice Eurostep, and one!” proclaimed...

The decline of ESPN

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Writer

January 23, 2018

These days, it seems that everyone has an opinion about the current state of the media. Ever since last year’s presidential election, news media has received a lot of flak for being biased, publishing “fake news” and sensationalizing stories in an effort to retain viewership. These are complex...

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