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How to Supercharge Your Brain

Brooke Kruger, Opinion Writer February 1, 2021

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars held their 2021 Leadership Summit on January 27th. The event was held virtually and was available to all NCSC members. The day stretched a little over five hours...

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Billionaire says colleges are basically for fun?

Brooke Kruger, Opinion Writer January 22, 2021

Elon Musk once said, “You don’t need college to learn stuff”. The value is “seeing whether somebody can work hard at something… Colleges are basically for fun and to prove you do your chores,...

What makes a good teacher

What makes a good teacher

Se Kwon, Opinion Writer October 22, 2019

My childhood was a little different from others growing up. I was born and raised in South Korea for seven years. After, my family decided to immigrate to the United States in 2007 and since then, my life...

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Maddie TwoCrow, Opinion Writer March 5, 2019

When universities were first founded, they were created as a space for open, uninhibited debate. They weren’t created so students could sit and be talked at for four years. They were founded so students...

Before becoming a profession, learn to teach

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist February 4, 2018

The way we prepare professors for life in the classroom is woefully inadequate. We can’t expect someone who studied in a lab for eight years, looking at petri dishes and memorizing formulas, to get...

Nabil Suleiman, associate professor of civil engineering, serves rice during a Lunch with a Muslim event in the Memorial Union as part of Interfaith week.

Examining cultural differences

Connor Johnson, Staff Writer February 3, 2017

The University of North Dakota participated in an online seminar Tuesday, January 31, in the Memorial Union Lecture Bowl. The seminar, part of the school’s Interfaith Week, discussed the issues that...

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