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Letter to the editor in response to ‘Birth Controlled’

Brittany Borgen, Letter to the Editor

February 16, 2018

As a twenty-four year old student and daughter of a University of North Dakota (UND) employee, my contraception has never been covered under my mother’s health insurance. For the past two years, I have spent $40 a month on contraception. Some quick math tells me that I have paid a total of $960 on...

Birth Controlled

Under the current NDUS employee insurance plan, birth control products such as birth control medications, IUDs, appliances or related services are not covered.

Diane Newberry, News Editor

January 29, 2018

Passed in 2010, the Affordable Care Act caused controversy by requiring health insurance plans that covered co-pays on prescription medicine to also cover contraceptive methods. This provision of the act was narrowed by President Trump in October 2017, but there were already numerous exemptions to...

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