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The Coffee House Community: Open Mic Night

Maddie Deshler, Arts & Community Writer November 26, 2019

As I enter the packed building of Archives Coffee House and notice that everyone is crowded around the fireplace at the back corner of the shop, diagonal to the front doors. I make my way towards that...

The North Dakota Museum of Art: A Hidden Gem

The North Dakota Museum of Art: A Hidden Gem

Maddie Deshler, Arts & Community Writer November 20, 2019

Upon entering the North Dakota Museum of Art, I am immediately embraced in bright light as I take in the very white walls of the museum. I climb up a few stairs and notice the familiar setup of the museum:...

The Importance of a College Experience

Maddie Deshler, Staff Writer November 5, 2019

The pressure that students face to continue their education at some sort of college after graduating high school is at an all-time high during their junior and senior years. The main reason for this nowadays...

This is Halloween

This is Halloween

Maddie Deshler, Staff Writer October 29, 2019

The minute October arrives, Halloween vibes fill the autumn air. October becomes the month of eeriness and fear. Skeletons hang from people’s windows and doors, their bones clattering together in the...

UND Chamber Orchestra

UND Chamber Orchestra

Maddie Deshler, Arts & Community Writer October 15, 2019

The lights in the Josephine Campbell Recital Hall begin to dim, matching the fall’s evening darkness on October 9. The only light left is shining down on the UND Chamber Orchestra. All dressed in black,...

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