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The NFL is dying

The NFL is dying

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Writer October 16, 2018

2018 hasn’t been a great year for the NFL. The kneeling for the national anthem issue, started by Colin Kaepernick never got resolved. In fact, the NFL may have shot themselves in the foot this offseason...

Think you’re tough? Try hot yoga

Think you’re tough? Try hot yoga

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist March 26, 2018

When the door of the studio opens, one is immediately greeted with a blast of bass-heavy pop music and warm, humid air that smells faintly of essential oils. The tops of the mirrored walls surrounding...

Bilal Suleiman is an opinion writer for Dakota Student.

Grand Forks isn’t diverse, but it can be

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist February 26, 2018

The term “diversity” literally means variety, or a range of different things. In this sense, the Grand Forks community is quite diverse. Our population includes everyone from Native Americans to those...

Despite frigid temperatures, the Grand Forks community offers outdoor events during the fall and winter months such as the Holly Dazzle Festival of Lights. Nick Nelson / Dakota Student

In Defense of North Dakota

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist February 11, 2018

  As a son of North Dakota, it irks me to hear my fellow university students trash our great state. Maybe its because it’s the only place I have ever lived in, but I don’t think it’s bad...

Before becoming a profession, learn to teach

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist February 4, 2018

The way we prepare professors for life in the classroom is woefully inadequate. We can’t expect someone who studied in a lab for eight years, looking at petri dishes and memorizing formulas, to get...

Beneficial for some people for various reasons, makeup use can also have unintended consequences beyond skincare.

More than a pretty face

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Columnist January 28, 2018

I don’t know much about makeup. I’ve never bought any, nor have I ever used any. Everything I know about makeup comes from what girls have told me and from my own experience watching girls put on...

The decline of ESPN

Bilal Suleiman, Opinion Writer January 23, 2018

These days, it seems that everyone has an opinion about the current state of the media. Ever since last year’s presidential election, news media has received a lot of flak for being biased, publishing...

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