Making cannabis great again

Ian Collins, Contributing writer

Throughout the creation or evolution of our world, many species have coexisted on Earth. From single cell organisms to the complexity of an elephant. Throughout the times, there are things that have occurred and grown naturally; Grass, flowers, fungi and cannabis are just a few. Yes, cannabis.

Marijuana is a slang term politicians slapped onto cannabis to make it sound scary and steer people away from it, thinking it is the devil’s plant.

Before 1910, marijuana was not a word American culture even used. Cannabis was used for medicines and remedies and was essentially an over the counter ‘drug.’

So, that brings me back around to the topic: why is cannabis a schedule one drug?

After all the executive orders that have been pushed through by President Trump, this is one order that should be pushed. After all, most everyone wants to see this happen.

Approximately 51 billion dollars are spent annually towards the War on Drugs. In 2015, there were 1.4 million arrests for drug violation. 1.2 million of which was only for possession. Of the 1.4 million, there were 643 thousand arrests for cannabis violation, and of that 574 thousand was for possession. That is an 89 percent arrest rate for possession of a plant that grows naturally.

When it comes to illegal drugs, cannabis is the only one that has actual health benefits. Let me just list off a few: it treats glaucoma, can help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco, helps control epileptic seizures, stops cancer from spreading, decreases anxiety, THC slows the progression of Alzheimer’s, eases MS, it relieves arthritis, boosts metabolism, spats out creativity, soothes tremors from Parkinson’s, protects the brain from concussions and helps veterans suffering from PTSD. If that lengthy list does not open eyes to the bureaucrats in DC, I don’t know what it will take.

Medically it makes too much sense to not have cannabis legalized, but unfortunately it will take millions of dollars away from the drug corporations. When it comes down to money and greed, that is what we know best in the U.S.

Cannabis does not have to be recreational to everyone, rather it should be medical for everyone. We can look at the facts; it has helped the economy in Washington and Colorado, but I am just looking at why it should be taken off schedule one.

It’s time we open our minds, take some edge off and fly high as the United States. Trump, we have seen your colors, and you have shined bright by trying to make America great again.

Do what is right; make America great again, make cannabis great again.