Beer, wings and friends

Jordan Hermes, Staff Writer

Looking to chow down on phenomenal wings? Parrot’s Cay Tavern is a little hole in the wall Cajun-style bar and grill off South Washington Street and 36th Ave S. They specialize in beer and wings for cheap.

Keep in mind you have to be 21 years old in order to eat there, even if you are not ordering alcohol. They have someone checking ID’s right at the front door.

Parrot’s Cay has a beachy, casual, sports bar vibe. So casual that all of the food is brought out on paper plates and the napkins are already on the table in a roll of paper towels.

The bar is decorated with a clutter of vintage beach accessories such as signs, license plates, pictures, toys, etc. In addition to the fun atmosphere, there is also multiple flat screen televisions mounted around the bar.

Parrot’s Cay wings are to die for. They created their own signature wing flavor called ‘Shark Sauce.’ They definitely are not shy with the Shark Sauce; the wings basically swim in it on the plate.

This special Shark Sauce was even on BuzzFeed for “Top Ten Wings Before You Die.” There are other tasty items on the menu as well if you are not in the mood for wings, but their wings are the best!

The Shark Sauce ranges in flavor from sweet to flaming hot, based on a number system. Level three is the sweetest you can order, the menu has the hottest level set at 15, but some of the regulars said they make a Shark Sauce as hot as a level 40.

If you do not really like spicy foods, the level seven Shark wings had just the right amount of kick. If you love spicy, maybe try their wing challenge, and win a t-shirt and a $100 gift card. The levels of spice for their wing challenge also does not appear on their menu, but if you ask about the wing challenge everyone there will know what you are talking about.

Eat seven of Parrot’s Cay hottest wings in five minutes or less, who’s in?

There is a different deal every weekday at Parrot’s Cay. Monday’s offer a bowl of Jambalaya for $4. All pints and bottles are $3.50 and the Lil’ Loaded Pork Sandwich is only $4 on Tuesday’s. On Wednesday and Thursday nights Parrot’s Cay offers a pitcher of beer and plate of wings for only $12.99. This beer and wing combo is their best deal in the house, and brings in a lot of traffic.

University of North Dakota student, Cody Jones, regularly goes to Parrot’s Cay for their beer and wing deal.

“Shark Wings are the reason why I will come back to visit Grand Forks, N.D. after graduation,” Jones said.

At Parrot’s Cay, it is first come first serve. Between 7-10p.m. it can get pretty competitive for your group to get a table on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The earlier you can get there the better.

Since you seat yourself at any available spot, you could be sitting next to complete strangers. Parrot’s Cay has large round tables that can fit up to ten people, and the bar is relatively small so it is likely that this could happen. Once you get your beer and wings, nothing else matters anyways.

If you are looking to have a casual night and good food with friends, try out Parrot’s Cay Tavern.

Jordan Hermes is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]