New Politics sold-out

Cameron Campbell, Staff Writer

In the music world today, sometimes it is hard to find a band that’s unique and special. It’s even harder to find a band that fuses two genres of music together and does it well. In 2009, a band called New Politics from Copenhagen, Denmark formed and released their first full length album (self-titled) a year later.

The high energy band is comprised of four parts members ——— a singer, a drummer, a guitarist and a computer (unfortunately).

The lead singer, David Boyd, is worth mentioning. The native Danish man not only sings but also raps and breakdances. Before he created New Politics, his career was breakdancing.

The band’s sound was this unique raw punk noise with Boyd screaming his lyrics, like in the song “Burn,” where all he does is yell in the chorus. Then he can turn it around and do rap break downs like in their song “Give Me Hope.”

Now, I’m not saying by any means that New Politics are a lyrically talented band, because they’re not, but the words aren’t bad enough for me to feel weird or awkward singing along with them.

Eventually, the band started to gain traction and with their second studio album “A Bad Girl in Harlem” where they decided to attract more fans and started to sell out. Instead of keeping their edge, they dulled their blade and stuck it in a lackluster pop side.

Regardless of the change, the album was still good, as it has somsongs on it which are still my favorite New Politics songs such as “Just Like Me,” which is one of their more hard rocking songs. I also really enjoy “Goodbye Copenhagen.” The song embodies this European rock pop side to it that catches your ear. It is still upbeat enough for you to get into without feeling drowned in the sound of pop.

Then came the tragic fall of this unique band. At first it seemed like their new album was going to be ok. The first single released was called “Kings and Queens” It had a catchy riff and melody and I couldn’t stop listening to it.

The second single that came out for their 2015 album “Vikings” was called “West End Kids.” Let me stop this and just say that these men are in their late twenties. I do not believe at that time you get to say you are kids. Because one day down the line you will be performing this song when your past middle age and you will look like Weezer still talking about high school issues.

The song itself was an over produce piece of dirt. The creative, talent and uniqueness of New Politics went dry. The video for the song was just as bad as the song. It was this Simon says light up or deal. When one of the band members sang, their section would light up. No creativity, like they used to in their videos such as their “Yeah Yeah Yeah” music video.

The main issue I had with “Vikings” is this. It seems as if it is a bragging album. More than half of the songs are referring to how they are in a band and how they get girls. Like, congratulations, you’re in a successful band and get girls, but don’t gloat.

As a listener, I want to hear realness. I want to hear something meaningful not meaningless. I don’t care if what you did on your weekend, just tell me how you feel and how you want me to feel, because I can’t feel a pop song that is just about having no strings attached and then call people who do puppets.

I really hope that one day, New Politics will dig back down to their roots. I hope they will remember what great music they played. I’m sure the new pop fans now would stand behind whatever they did, so why not be the greatly talented and unique New Politics instead of the sellout “Vikings” New Politics they are today.

Cameron Campbell  is a staff writer for  The Dakota Student. He can be reached at  [email protected]