The Boden, an alternative to dorm life

Emily Gibbens, Staff Writer

It’s getting to that point in the year where the novelty of the dorms is wearing off, the excitement of having a roommate is getting old and the lack of privacy and freedom is taking its toll on students.

This is about the time when people start thinking about where they want to live when the year is over or  when their lease is up.

Last year, I lived in Johnstone Hall. I didn’t mind it, but by October I was researching and touring apartments.

I was ready to find a new place to call home where I felt I was actually getting what I was paying for.

I had heard a lot of great things about the Oxford owned complex, The Boden. I set up a tour, and I was beyond blown away.

The outside of the building alone is unlike any other apartment in town. It has a very unique, modern ski-lodge type of vibe. One of the most eye-catching things from the outside are the giant windows that face Demers Ave.  revealing the vaulted wooden ceilings and impressive lighting.

Once I walked in, my first impression was it looked like a hotel. Immediately, I noticed the fitness center, the bright lights, high ceilings and extremely long hallways.

There are two massive rooms equipped with anything you could need for a long study session or a gathering with all of your friends. Shuffleboard, poker and pool tables all surround a large seating area in one room. The room is also equipped with many large televisions, speakers, a countertop and a sink. The other room has a large seating area, multiple booths, tables, couches, a TV and a fireplace.

The outside area at the Boden includes two massive grills, a large countertop area, a seating area, a fire pit, a TV and a volleyball court.

A few bonus amenities the Boden offers are a computer lab with three computers and free printing, multiple study rooms on each floor equipped with a whiteboard, tables, a TV     and a fitness-on-demand room with  TV and different exercise programs offered on it.

The Boden apartments come fully-furnished. The appliances are all modern and stainless-steel. The washer and dryer come in each unit. Each bedroom and living room has a smart TV. Wi-Fi is free as well, but you must provide your own modem.

After living in the dorms for nine months, one of my major concerns was having closet space. Luckily, at the Boden, closet space has not been an issue.  Each room has two small dressers and a large closet.

There are anywhere from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units offered at the Boden. There are private room and bathroom options, rooms that are able to be shared with a roommate, similar to dorm style living and there is even a one-bedroom option for people looking to live alone. The most inexpensive option would be sharing a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment amongst four people for $375 per month per person.

If you’re looking for a place to yourself, the cost would be from $900 to $1000 a month depending on the unit type.

In the entrance, there is a large chalkboard calendar filled with events that the Boden hosts each month. Twice a week, they provide donuts and coffee in the lobby before classes. Every couple of weeks, a restaurant such as Wild Hog or Buffalo Wild Wings caters for the residents to enjoy. There are also things like bingo, poker, volleyball tournaments and pumpkin decorating contests for prizes.

The Boden’s side doors are always locked and can only be entered by someone with a key fob. The front door is unlocked during office hours. After office hours and on weekends, you must use a key fob or to be buzzed in by a resident to enter the building. There are security cameras lining the halls and doorways to ensure the resident’s safety and comfort.

The Boden is  designed for college students, but you don’t have to be a student to live there. It is directly south of the UND campus, so it is the perfect distance if you enjoy being close to everything that is going on. They also just recently built the skywalk that connects their third floor to the bridge on Columbia making the short distance to campus even more convenient.

When you’re paying to live at the Boden, you are not only paying for your unit, but you’re also paying for the amenities, activities, college atmosphere and safety. In my book, all of these combined make it worth it.

If you have any questions about the Boden or would like to schedule a tour, visit their website or call (701) 775-2900.

Emily Gibbens is a staff writer for  The Dakota Student. She can be reached at  [email protected]