Goodbye to Gilly’s

DOWNTOWN: The Brick & Barley Bar & Restaurant replaces Gilly’s Bar in downtown Grand Forks.

A new option for entertainment in downtown Grand Forks is now available for those over age 21.

Brick & Barley Bar & Restaurant opened in August, right before the school year began. It is located at 9 Third St. N. It replaces Gilly’s Bar & Grill, a popular bar among college students.

“We’re selling way more food now,” day manager Chris Johnson said. “It’s not really a party atmosphere anymore.”

Brick & Barley’s main feature is its selection of 48 different beers on tap, the “most in Grand Forks,” according to Johnson. Many of the beers are well-known brands such as Samuel Adams and Guinness, but there also are many craft beers from smaller breweries throughout the region and country.

Some beer options are available all year-round, but others rotate throughout the year, such as the Samuel Adams Octoberfest beer, which is only available in the fall.

The increased beer selection and expanded menu have attracted a large array of customers every day during lunch and dinner.

“We tend to get a pretty good lunch and dinner crowd,” Johnson said. “We typically stay pretty busy from opening until about 11 p.m.”

The restaurant’s food, and its head chef, John Cho, also has gotten a positive response from the community. The food menu includes items such as wings, lettuce wraps, Ahi tuna, salads, chili, tacos, ice cream and a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers.

“Chef John is amazing,” bartender Rachael Danielson said. “He’s brought in a lot of great Asian inspiration.”

The Asian-style food is just one of a few reasons why Danielson and server Chalyse Wynne enjoy working at Brick & Barley.

“It’s just fun to be around,” said Wynne said while folding silverware. “It’s a nice place with a positive atmosphere. I actually enjoy getting up to come to work.”

Jaye Millspaugh is the Multimedia Editor of The Dakota Student. She can be reached at