We briefly talked about Bieber’s previous incident with a hooker in Brazil and how in the age of the internet (you know you’re speaking to adults who didn’t grow up with the internet when they say, ‘now in the age/times of the internet’), people have to be careful, because everything goes viral.

OB: “That’s why I actually feel bad for him. I think the price of his fame is nuts. I like our vibe, like cable TV. Like, we can like be like, ‘have you ever seen that show?’ ‘Oh yeah, you’re that guy!’, and then they think you’re cool. It’s like the best of both worlds. But you can also just chill out and no one bothers you.

AA: “God forbid, but we can get in a bar fight and it will not ever be in the news or anything.”

OB: “TMZ would have to be in the bar…if TMZ were in the bar, we’d get on the news.”

AA: “If Justin Bieber was in the bar, and we got in a fight there, we’d be in the news.”


This next bit of the interview was towards the end, but I brought it here for relevance.


AA: “You look at guys like Kanye West-”

PK: I’m very confused about what he’s doing.

AA: “Complete trainwreck where he’s up to. And he’s a great rapper and producer and he’s all connected and all that, but he’s such a trainwreck when it comes to the press. It’s almost like you can see how insecure he is on the inside. Any little jab at him -”

OB: “He probably has a little weiner.”

AA: “He just doesn’t know how to navigate.”


The two ragged on West a little more and then I brought up Kim Kardashian.


OB: “That’s no prize. I respect the family and god bless what they’re doing. If you’re prize is who your girlfriend is – I mean Jay-Z has a better wife, that’s not his prize. His prize is being Jay-Z. Put Kim Kardashian next to f**king Beyonce.”

AA: “It’s like one’s talented and one isn’t.”

OB: “Beyonce is debatably the First Lady of the country…”

To which I agreed.

While conversations like these may not bring any real substantial change to the world, they’re good to have. Understanding and looking into one’s culture and society is important. The statues and values we hold ourselves and others to do not come out of thin air. How we treat those in Hollywood and how those in Hollywood behave is a phenomena of its own.

In the next post, Ahmed and Owen find two actors who do know how to navigate the world of fame.