‘Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol’

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the 4th entry into the Mission Impossible film franchise and a surprisingly fun movie.

This is what an action spy thriller should be. There are moments of action, moments of spying, and moments of thrill. You have the cool spy gadgets, the death defying stunts and the overall fun that comes from a well done action movie. I remember watching Quantum of Solace (though very vaguely, as I saw it in theaters and haven’t seen it since), and being bored because there were no fancy spy toys or memorable action scenes, and the movie was just altogether bland. MI4 on the other hand, had some of the most impressive stunts in this film series so far.

I did say that I liked the movie altogether and, while that is true, it certainly has a few faults. The main problem with this movie is the character of Ethan Hunt, who is rather bland, is given very little to do aside from the action scenes. His performance is certainly better than MI2, where his character was overly smug, egotistical and downright annoying. Basically it was all the worst parts of Tom Cruise rolled into one movie. In MI4, however, his character isn’t really developed at all because he is too busy with all the action. There is a subplot about his wife and the events that happened to her, but ultimately his performance is simply mediocre.

Another issue with this is the problem of the plot. It seems like this film is more an collection of loosely connected action scenes than an actual complete storyline. There is something to be said for a film that doesn’t spend half of it’s run time on exposition; but considering the intricacies of the plots for the previous films, this film could be improved by having a more interesting plot.

However, people don’t really go to an action movie for the plot or character development. They go for action, and that is one thing this movie certainly delivers. If you enjoy continuous action and truly amazing stunts, then this movie will be perfect for you. If  you want an interesting plot with many twists and turns, or really just want anything other than a pure action/adventure spy thriller, than this movie may not be for you.

MI4 does one thing right, and that is action, which it does fairly well, with comic relief. But the action, the stunts and the exciting chase scenes, are what you have come to expect and they are every bit as exciting as the trailer promised they would be. This isn’t really a movie for people who like to think about their movies.

So, if you are looking for a big mindless blockbuster action movie that is just plain fun to watch, then you should check this movie out. If you expect anything more than that, then you may be disappointed.­­ It’s certainly much more worth your time than the new Jack Ryan film though.