BLOG: A poem

Well, the end of the semester is here and what better way to leave you all then with one of my absolutely random poems.

I call it illogical logic in a nonsensical sense.

A 3 dimensional cube in a 2 dimensional plane.

That is the closest I have come to feeling sane.

A circular square divided by the number zero.

An improbable probability that was raised a hero.

I am not the walrus but the chimpanzee.

I am the most unusual the eye can see.

I understand the concrete, but not the abstract

I understand the discreet, but not the whole fact.

Inter-generational and transcontinental,

I am incapable of anything accidental.

My ego is larger than I am by a long shot.

Then again it is about the only thing I got.

The loudspeaker will always speak loudly about the loudspeaker.

I always seek to seek the one who seeks to play the role of seeker.

You may analyze this and think some deep meaning inside here I hid.

I can assure you, despite what you may think, that is not all what I did.

Well, that’s all for this year, see you guys next semester! Oh and, look at the baby kitty!