BLOG: Being bald

I went bald once. Only once.

There was actually a brief period of time when I had a Mohawk, but sadly, no pictures exist of that.

t sympathy baldness for someone who was going through baldness for various reasons, but was instead simply an idea for something I thought would be funny. I still maintain that it was funny.

The truth is, I will do quite a bit for a laugh. In some people’s opinion, I go too far sometimes, but it’s not really about me getting a laugh, it’s about allowing others a laugh at my expense.

Sometimes, some people just wanna laugh at somebody, and I’m fine with that being me. I often allow my friends to joke in ways that may seem racist to other people, which gives me the added bonus of watching them trying to explain that it’s okay for them to say those things because they have a friend who is not white.

It’s pretty easy for me to tell if somebody really is just joking around or if it is mean-spirited. I haven’t seen that much of the latter, so I usually allow quite a bit of the former.

I really just enjoy entertaining people, in any way possible. That’s why I love singing, playing piano, telling jokes, and just performing in general, since many people are often entertained by it.

A lot of people have a dark view of the world. They see so much hopelessness and negativity, and then start assuming all of life is like that. I like to do what I can to show people that there is so much more to life than just the negative things.

What it really comes down to is an argument between optimism and pessimism. But that is another argument for another time. For now, just enjoy how silly I look as a bald person.

Perhaps someday, I will show you what I look like with a mustache. Here’s a hint, I don’t pull it off nearly as well as my teenage self assumed I would.