BLOG: Duck Dynasty

This past Wednesday was the season finale of “Duck Dynasty” on A&E.

The Robertsons ended the season with some Halloween festivities. These included Uncle Si attempting dance to “Thriller” and the family hosting a haunted house in their warehouse.

Now, I know that some people think that Duck Dynasty is just a bunch of big, bearded rednecks but I think the show has the best role models on reality television.

Think about other reality TV shows like “Jersey Shore” or “Jackass.” From Jersey Shore, we learned what GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) is and from Jackass, we learned how to pull stupid stunts. Is this really what American society should be focusing on? Will children grow up to learn how tan their skin should be and how to poof their hair?

I feel like that by watching Duck Dynasty, children and entire families can learn more important life lessons.

Duck Dynasty is a television show about the Robertson family. They own and operate Duck Commander, a duck call company. The family works, plays, and eats together. They might be a little silly at times but they have strong values and morals. The family spends holidays together, prays together, and cooks together.

I think the Robertsons are a family that all of America can look up to. They show us that even if a family is not perfect, they can still love one another and enjoy each other’s company.

To me, family is the most important thing in my life so I can relate to this show. I hope other people give it a chance too if they haven’t already, so that maybe they can see what the big bearded family really is all about.

Photo courtesy of Fox News