Mr. Kitty

This is a picture of Mr. Kitty and he is my cat.

Actually, he lives in Fargo, where I do not live anymore. Also, he’s not a baby anymore. And technically, his name is Jack. But we always just call him Mr. Kitty and sometimes, I call him Mr. Baby Kitty.

He has also been known to go by Mr. Snuggles, Mr. Snugglekitty, or Mr. Baby Snugglekitty. Okay, I’m the only person who calls him any of those names, but still.

Now, I know what you are thinking. This type of behavior is the first step on the road to becoming a crazy cat lady. However, Mr. Baby Snugglekitty and I do not appreciate your judgment.

Besides, I don’t live in Fargo anymore, so I don’t see him that often.

This cat is probably one of the dumbest and also one of the smartest cats I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen him chase his own tail, yet he is also capable of meowing in a manner similar to human speech. He will eat anything regardless of whether or not it fits in his mouth, or if it was even edible to begin with, however he has also figured out how to open closed doors.

He hates other animals, because he loves being the center of attention. He absolutely hates other cats with a passion, and as far as dogs go, he varies between being scared of them, to sitting in the corner sulkily waiting for them to leave.

Another interesting thing about Mr. Kitty is that he is a big fan of playing tag. He will run up to you and grab your leg, and then wait for you to chase after him. He also loves boxes, or basically just trying to fit inside an enclosed space. Of course, with all the eating he likes to do, sometimes fitting in those boxes is harder than he thinks.

Altogether, he is a patient cat, but he has a dark side too. Sometimes he will hide under a bed pretending to be a shadow monster and striking down all those who dare to invade his fortress.

Oh yeah, and that is probably one of my favorite things about him. He instantly claims anything that is in his sight. As far as Mr. Kitty is concerned, that is his house, and we are just allowed to live there.